Love Songs
A virtuosic solo opera.
The universal story of love, sung in 100 languages.
Composed by Ana Sokolovic.

Allen Street Hardware Cafe, Buffalo, NY
Wednesday, July 19, 8pm
Friday, July 21, 8pm

Art Park
Thursday, July 20, 8pm

Atlas Music Festival, Tunisia
Project with Cultures in Harmony
Guest voice faculty and performer.

Justice, the songs by Roger Reynolds, Photo by Irene Haupt

Pierrot Lunaire, Photo by Irene Haupt.

" High voltage highs"
" Her voice has a rounded vivacity to it, not unlike Renee Fleming "

   Thomas Larson, San Diego Reader

" Gorgeous, wondrously expressive soprano"
    Scott Cantrell, Dallas News

"That trademark voice of hers is nothing short of remarkable, especially heard from within the same room. It can be soft and delicate, or it can bring to mind the power of famous female opera stars. She can belt out a Broadway tune with the best of them. Or she can use that theatrical experience and her expressive, Met Opera-esque facial features to mold different sounds that are beyond simple singing. Her diction and mechanics, two of Du Mouchelle's singing priorities, are always a prominent part of her presentation. She can do "kulning," a Swedish yodeling technique that is a type of herding call."
    Charles Anzalone, UB Reporter

"Her voice and her stage persona were both like a flame and a cascade of running water...
It was a marvelous gift to hear my poetry flow once more, be reborn in song and sound."

    -Agueda Pizarro, poet

(In response to Ms. Du Mouchelle's performance of Two Poems of Agueda Pizarro, Lincoln Center)

"Soprano Tiffany Du Mouchelle's luminous, ravishing acount of the composer's sinuous melodic lines was arresting from the first note..."

    Kenneth Herman, Sandiego.com