Cultures in Harmony

Cultures in Harmony is an American musical diplomacy organization, founded by violinist William Harvey. Its mission is to forge connections across cultural and national barriers through the medium of music.

I have had the great opportunity to be a part of this wonderful organization, and have been a musical participant in projects in Papua New Guinea and in Egypt. To be given the opportunity to actively engage with people from other countries through the medium of music has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

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Learn about our upcoming Passacalgia Project (2015): Afghanistan, Belize, Cameroon, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Mexico, Moldova, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philipines, Qatar, Tunisia, Turkey, Zimbabwe

A Hand Outward,
Cultural Diplomacy in Papua New Guinea
(article by Tiffany Du Mouchelle, pdf)

Papua New Guinea 2008

Egypt 2009

Tunisia 2012

Cameroon 2013