DECEMBER 11, 2007

New Music Mannes Concert, NY. ,i>As in a Dream, Chen Yi.

DECEMBER 4, 2007

Ensemble 212 Concert, St. Peter’s Church, NY. I Remember, MichaelCohen.

NOVEMBER 18, 2007

Mannes Chamber Music Concert Series, NY. String Quartet 2, ArnoldSchoenberg.

OCTOBER 22, 2007

Aurora Borealis Duo Concert, Mannes College, NY.

OCTOBER 21, 2007

Aurora Borealis Duo Concert, Garden City Chamber Music Socierty, NY. Unitarian- Universalist Congregation of Central Nassau,
Long Island, NY. WORLD PREMIERE of Il Pensieroso by Bauer; other works by: Beall, Loeb, Weber, Villa-Lobos.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2007

Benefit Concert for Cure Autism Now/Autism Speaks at Symphony Space, Leonard Nimoy Thalia Hall, NYC.
Featuring: Bruce Adolphe, Amy Burton, Lori Cotler, Jon Liechty, Julie McBride, John Musto, Javier Oviedo,
James Preiss, Lucy Shelton, Laurie Smukler, Stephen Solook, Lew Soloff, Glen Velez.

AUGUST 12, 2007

Aurora Borealis Concert at St. Joseph's Church, Woods Hole, MA

JULY 25, 2007

Aurora Borealis Family Concert at Lebanon Borough School, NJ.

JULY 1 - 8, 2007

Aurora Borealis Duo, Michigan Tour.

JUNE 13 - 22, 2007

Institute and Festival of Contemporary Performance, Mannes College, NY. Works by Louis Karchin and Alejandro Viñao.

JUNE 16, 2007

Service Changes at Our Savior's Atonement Church, WORLD PREMIERE of 2 Riddles, Seth Rozanoff.

JUNE 5, 2007

New York Composer’s Circle Concert at Saint Peters at Citicorp, NYC. Vita Brevis, by Paul Moravec.

JUNE 21, 2007

The Golden Ticket workshop with American Lyric Theater, music by Peter Ash.

JUNE 9, 2007

Student Composers’ Concert at Mannes Concert Hall. It Dropped So Low, Kan Jacobsen.

JUNE 2, 2007

Percussion Ensemble Concert at Mannes Concert Hall. Drumming, Steve Reich; and the WORLD PREMIERE of Archers of Solitude,
by Davide Zannoni.

APRIL 30, 2007

New Music Mannes Concert at Mannes Concert Hall. Sohmon III, Minoru Miki.

APRIL 24, 2007

Mannes Downtown Chamber Music Series, The New School. Seven Romances on Poems of Alexander Blok, Op. 127, DmitriShostakovich.

APRIL 15, 2007

WORLD PREMIERE of Phaedra and Hippolytus (Chorus Leader), an opera in one act by Christopher Park. Mannes College, NY.

MARCH 25, 2007

Aurora Borealis Duo Concert at Mannes College, NY. Featuring works by: Loeb, Manzoni, Miki, Russell, Viñao and Zannoni.

MARCH 9, 2007

New York Composer’s Circle Concert at Symphony Space, Leonard Nimoy Thalia Hall, NY. Three Elegies, by Richard Russell.

JANUARY 26, 2007

Tonal Center Trio Concert at 2nd Presbyterian, NY.
Featuring works by: Fusco, Loeb, Massenet, Sierra, Vaughan Williams, and Villa-Lobos.